BSI's take SPK multi org event

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20 (Saturday) 21:00 - 21 (Sunday) 00:00 View in my time

Meetup Location

Seraphim Station



Event Details

The 20th is SPK TAKEOVER.

Each team of 25 or less individuals seeks to take control of SPK using ships and or ground forces you gain control of the interior and just fight it out.

Bonus points if an org starts the contraband extraction mission

Saturday, 20 January 2024 21:00

Launch of a wargame.

4 teams 25 members each;

BlightVeil – Sanguine Luna – The Black Adders – The frontier

objective; Security Post Kareah Contraband extraction

Only rules; No fighting <40km from Grimm Hex/ Seraphim Station – No pressing crime stats – keep comms relays down/no resetting them/sending people to jail


20:30 BlightVeil invites party and leads of other participants Party lead passed to Sanguis Luna Party lead passed to Other teams

21:00 Party Lead is passed to Thunderlake and final check and server launch. Once In game party is Disbanded each team will have to invite their own team to party.

21:10 BlightVeil and Sanguis Luna sent one person to Cellin coms relay to bring it down

21:15 Wargame is live regardless if comms relays are down Saturday,

20 January 2024 23:30 Wargame ceasefire

Backup plan for 30k if battle lasted 1.25 hours or more Backup plan if server 30ks on party launch/ <10 minutes of launch Backup plan for Server being unresponsive <5 Fps or three teams report issues pulling ships/can’t fight.


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