Org Structure

Fleet command

The Black Adders are run by the Fleet Commander and Fleet Captain with the support of Commanders and Lords. Who in turn are supported by Lieutenant Commanders and their trusty Butlers.

Fleet Commander “Fl Cdr”

The Fleet Commander is the leader of our org. 

Fleet Captain “Fl Capt”

The Fleet Captain is the 2IC of the org and is assigned by the Fleet Commander. 


We have the Fleet for those who want to take it a bit more serious by looking to improve as a group and learn to fly/work with other members in a squadron or company.

The Reserves are for those who want to play more casually or are undecided if they want to join a squadron or company.

In Fleet we use military ranks, while Reserves have Black Adder titles.


Commander “Cdr”

By demonstrating your commitment through attendance, helping your squad mates and the org, you may be asked to take the lead of the existing squadron or form your own squadron which you can tailor to your specialisation and interests. You will lead a group of members, making sure they are trained, have the equipment they need and commanding them in battle. You will actively promote your squadron/squad to the org and encourage fleet members to join your squadron/squad.

You will also be part of the management team, this requires you to attend management meetings and keep leadership informed of squadron/squad status. 

Lieutenant Commander “Lt Cdr”

By showing consistent attendance and demonstrating you know what you are doing you may be asked to be the the XO of a squadron or company. As an XO you will 2nd in command, able to take over as need when the squadron/squad leader is unavailable. You will help train you squadron/squad member to make sure they are proficient in whatever role they are supposed to fulfil. You will assist in planning ops.

Lieutenant “Lt”

Upon showing commitment to the fleet, through regular attendance and a desire to get involved you will become a Lieutenant, you can now join a squadron or remain as a free agent willing to slot into any role.

If you are not a part of a squadron/squad, you will not be able to get promoted any further. You are expected to attend regular training and attend bigger operations. 

Ensign “En”

Upon joining the fleet and becoming an org member, you will become an Ensign. You have indicated a desire to get involved in big battles and the more organised military side of the BlackAdders. You will fill and role as needed and be a team player.

There are no attendance commitments, although promotion will only be granted on showing commitment to the Fleet.



Upon showing your commitment as butler, that you are reliable and able to handle reponsibility you will be promoted to Lord. As a Lord you will have a task assigned in one of our teams. As a part of management you will be required to attend management meetings.

  • The Recruitment Team are responsible for posting on multiple websites and discords to promote our org and grow our numbers. They also look after recruits when they join. They are a point of contact together with the Mentors, and are responsible for tracking the recruits during their trial period.
  • The Event Planners look after the events together with Squad Leaders. Their goal is to create fun events for our org, while also helping the Squad Leaders with practices they might want to run. They are a important part to fufilling our needs of making things go Boom!


You are able to apply for a position as butler in one of our teams. You will be assisting Lords with their task such as handling preperation for events or assisting/answering questions from members. 

  • Event Planner’s Little Helpers, to help us prepare our events. This can be gathering equipment, picking up vehicles we might need with org funds or setting up on the night itself.
  • Mentors, work together with the recruitment team to best help our new members, explaining what kind of org we are, answering any questions they have, running missions with them and helping them feel comfortable with us.


If you have been active during your 30 days as a Baldrick, you will be promoted to a blackadder and become a full member in our org. At this point you will be able to choose if you want to join fleet to work towards joining a squadron or staying as a Reserve. 


When you open a ticket with us to join our org you will become a Baldrick. You will stay in this rank for 30 day while you get to know our members and our members get to know you. During this time we require you to be active on voice and during events. 


The Board

Besides the Fleet Command/Fleet Captain, we also have the board. The job of the board is more passive. They do not get involved in the day to day running of the org, but are the ones that elected the Fleet Commander.

They decide over the charter that draws out the large goals for our org, but the Fleet Commander and Fleet Captain build the structure to reach those goals. The Board meets quarterly to discuss progress of the org and adjust the charter where needed.

Admin Team

The Admin team looks after most of the administration and promotional side of the org. This includes RSI page, Discord, Website and social media. As well as some of the promotional material as banners, logo and other graphical art for the org.
You are able to apply to join Admin Team on discord through the ticket system found in Org Information