Fleet overview

From fighters, gunships to capital ships, the Fleet makes up the core of any good Mercenary company.

Fleet is the part for those who want to take it a bit more serious at times. Looking to improve as a group and learn to fly/ work with other members in a squadron or company.

Fleet is built out of 6 Active squadrons, each have their own specialty/ personality.

Fighter Squadrons

Deathadders squadron

Leader Mongoose – XO Yogzie

The Deathadders Squadron is tip of the spear in the Black Adders Fleet, and we aim to be adaptable to any situation. To accomplish this, we fly a mix of light and heavy ships. The aim of the Deathadders to pave way for the rest of the org no matter the enemy. We embody the speed and lethality of our name’s sake and employ tactics to suit our Codex entitled ‘volare celeriter, mori citius’

Gunship Squadrons


Leader W1nstone – XO Wilkens

The Bullmastiffs Gunship Squadron is a skilled fighting force, specializeing in heavy assault and defence manoeuvres. Operating within The Black Adders Fleet. Our squadron consists of highly trained pilots and turret gunners who demonstrate exceptional teamwork, unwavering discipline, and a relentless pursuit of victory.


Honey Badgers

Leader Kaymer

The Honey badgers, a spirited squad of soldiers renowned for their fearless attitude and unconventional approach. Despite their quirky demeanor, they tackle missions with unmatched bravery and creativity, proving time and again that they’re a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. With a blend of irreverent humor and unwavering determination, The Honey Badgers show that they’re not just soldiers – they’re unstoppable warriors with a knack for turning the tide of any mission. 


The Cunning Foxes

Leader Mythmatics – XO Diablo

Our focus is on gathering intelligence, infiltration of enemy lines and reconnaissance. If you are more interested in being the spy than the solider, we are your squad, with stealth being a key part of our gameplay as well as planning cunning black and special ops with hand selected teams.

Support and Logistics

Leader Sisko

Raising funds, Fleet and ground support, base building, medical and engineering.